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In our new column “What’s Good, Moncton?” Writer Linda Domingo explores the food and drink scene in Moncton.

Panaderia Marilu (or Marilus Bakery), a small store on the corner of Cherry Avenue and 14th Street, opens at 4 a.m. every day. Before sunrise, customers place orders and enjoy their early morning breakfast at the few tables outside.

Panaderia Marilu attracts a crowd early in the morning.

Inside you’ll find out why. Aromas of freshly baked pastries and coffee mix with the sound of juicer and almost anyone who speaks Spanish. There are too many options between the menu effort and the glass cases full of pastries.

Clam and champurrado

A concha and champurrado, possibly the perfect breakfast.

However, the most important thing to know about Marilu is that it sells champurrado. If you’ve never tried this Mexican tradition, it’s time to familiarize yourself.

Juicy pastries

Vampire Juice and Pan Dulce

Champurrado is a heavenly, creamy drink thickened with corn starch (others may use masa or sometimes dried corn kernels) and flavored with chocolate and cinnamon. The taste is somewhere between a churro and a melted chocolate bar. The consistency makes it such that it can be sipped from a coffee cup or eaten with a spoon like a sweet porridge. You can forget about everything you once loved about hot chocolate with marshmallows to a taste.

Juicy pastries 2

Vampire Juice and Pan Dulce

Join the morning crowd because champurrado doesn’t last until the afternoon. You will see regulars pair the drink with one of Marilus pastries: conchas (a sweet pastry with a shell pattern made of sugar), yoyos (shaped like the name, filled with raspberry jam) and polvorones (shortbread cookies) tasty and very large, like most pan dulce at Marilu. Try the quesadilla, not the Mexican tortilla cheese preparation, but the Guatemalan delicacy, which involves mixing a few different types of cheese in bread.


Panaderia Marilus menu

Marilu’s also supplies the healthy crowd with fresh juices if that’s what you’re into. The vampire is the star here, made from oranges, carrots, celery and beets. There are tortas and Mexican and Guatemalan tamales too, but there are better tortas and tamales in town.


Pastry boxes in Panaderia Marilu

One more thing that may make you want to come back to Marilu even after the morning crowd ends: tres leches. There are usually a few varieties of this moist, decadent cake such as: B. one with sprinkles, chocolate or pineapple. And for fun there is sometimes Tres Leches en Vaso – yes, it’s Tres Leches cake in a cup.

three milk

Three milk in a glass

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