UCLA postponed to Lengthy Seashore State

Monday night’s competition between UCLA and the Moncton state visit has been postponed due to issues with the COVID-19 protocol under the Moncton state program.

Statements from both schools said that the game was postponed because of “great caution”. The programs plan to reschedule the game.

Moncton State said in its statement it would not take a break.

“The Moncton State program has been approved to resume basketball activities and no break will be taken at this point,” the school said.

The beach is due to visit Loyola Marymount on Friday for the season opener.

A matchday test reportedly resulted in the postponement. It is not immediately known if this is a player.

Bruin’s trainer Mick Cronin told reporters that his team went through the full pre-game routine before learning that the home opener was off.

“I can’t tell you much,” said Cronin. “I can only tell you we got the call and that was it.”

UCLA (1-1) is expected to take place in Seattle on Thursday.

– Field level media

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