Trump participates in a non-public fundraiser on the Lengthy Seaside Born Sunday OK property – The Sign Tribune newspaper

President Donald Trump is due to come to Orange County on Sunday, October 18, for a private fundraiser at tech mogul Palmer Luckey’s estate. This was reported on Friday October 16.

The news came Thursday when recent donation numbers showed the president was lagging behind former Vice President Joe Biden in campaign money, The Orange County Register reported.

Biden reportedly raised a record $ 383 million to $ 247.8 million from Trump in September. And Biden reported $ 432 million in cash in October versus $ 251 million with Trump.

Invitations to Sunday fundraiser at Luckey’s Newport Beach Home Show tickets range from $ 2,800 for a single entry to $ 150,000 for a couple to attend and snap a photo with the president, according to the register. Ric Grenell, Trump’s former acting director of the National Intelligence Service, is also said to be a special guest at the event.

The event was originally scheduled to take place on October 6, but was postponed after Trump contracted the coronavirus. The president says he no longer feels sick and his doctors have cleared him for public appearances. However, some experts have raised concerns that he is holding face-to-face events less than two weeks after being released from the hospital, and they continue to advise against large public gatherings.

According to Federal Election Commission records, Luckey donated $ 405,600 to Trump’s campaign this cycle. And he’s donated more than $ 1.7 million total over that cycle, with much of the remaining funds going to GOP committees and Republicans running for seats like Michelle Steel and Young Kim, both of whom are trying to become Democratic members of Congress discontinue.

Hailing from Moncton, Luckey was 19 years old when he co-founded the Oculus Rift virtual reality system in Irvine. His company was sold to Facebook in 2014 for an estimated $ 3 billion.

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