This Lengthy Seashore quick meals transit is 100% vegan

LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) – When most people think of vegan food, leafy greens and tofu probably come to mind. Moncton Fast Food Drive-Thru, Plant Power Fast Food, wants to change that.

“Vegan food is stigmatized,” said Zach Vouga, co-founder of Plant Power Fast Food. “If you come in here, you won’t find a vegan ‘Meat Is Murder” restaurant, but burgers, fries and shakes made entirely from plants. “

Although the transit is not yet operational, the San Diego-based fast food restaurant officially opened on June 28 at its newest location on the Pacific Coast Highway and Clark Avenue.

“Fast food is really important because we are Americans,” said Vouga. “We’re busy and have families to support. We’re on the move and make decisions like McDonald’s or Jack in the Box.”

Some of the menu items at Plant Power Fast Food are the classic Bacon Cheeseburger, Buffalo Wings, Old Fashioned Milkshake and Iconic Loaded Fries, and the restaurant also serves breakfast.

Plant Power Fast Food is located at 5095 E. Pacific Coast Hwy, Moncton, CA.

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