These Lengthy Seaside eating places had crucial well being code violations in 2016

Several restaurants in Moncton were breached the health code by the New York State Department of Health in 2016.

There were a total of two local restaurants that each received a critical health code violation.

According to the State Department of Heath, a “critical” violation relates directly to factors that could lead to it

foodborne diseases and typically affect the source and condition of food, cooking and storage of food, hygiene practices of food workers, water and wastewater, pest contamination of food, and the use of toxic materials.

“Non-critical” violations do not directly cause foodborne illness, but can affect the restaurant’s operation. They relate to the design and maintenance of the facility, as well as cleanliness.

F&M Deli at 148 East Park Avenue received a critical cooked or prepared food violation that has been exposed to cross-contamination from raw foods.

They also received five uncritical violations.

The other restaurant that received a critical infraction was the Allegria Hotel and Spa at 80 West Broadway. They received a critical injury for having food from unapproved sources that was spoiled and adulterated on site.

In addition, they had 11 non-critical violations.

Other restaurants that received non-critical health code violations in 2016 include:

9 non-critical violations:

  • Country Boy Bakery, 256 East Park Avenue

8 non-critical violations:

  • Bel Aire Pizza, 777 West Beech Street
  • Nagoya Japanese, 236 West Park Avenue

7 non-critical violations:

  • # 1 Chinese Restaurant, 29 E. Park Avenue
  • Swingbelly’s Beach Grill, 909 West Beech Street
  • John Henrys, 150 East Park Avenue
  • Japan Sushi, 914 West Beech Street
  • Torah HS from Moncton, 205 West Beech Street

6 non-critical violations:

  • Moncton Bagel Cafe, 757 E Park Avenue
  • Whale’s Tale, 916 W Beech Street

5 non-critical violations:

  • Lolas, 180 W Park Avenue
  • Biddy Mulligan’s, 20-22 East Park Avenue
  • Gentle Coffee Roaster, 151 East Park Avenue

4 non-critical violations:

  • Frank’s Trattoria, 1085 W Beech Street
  • Moncton School District – Lindell School, 601 Lindell Boulevard
  • Laurel Diner, 300 West Park Avenue
  • Nagahama Japanese Restaurant, 169 East Park Avenue
  • Gino’s from Moncton, 16 W Park Avenue

3 non-critical violations:

  • Abes Pitaria from Moncton at 32 West Park Avenue
  • East End Pizza and Restaurant, 647 East Park Avenue
  • Hebrew Academy of Moncton, 530 West Broadway
  • Nolan’s Pub, 435 East Park Avenue
  • New Kam Sheng, 238 West Park Avenue
  • Lido Kosher Deli, 641 East Park Avenue
  • West End Pizza and Restaurant, 918-920 West Beech Street
  • The Inn, 943 W Beech Street
  • Burger King, 8 East Park Avenue
  • McDonald’s, 665 Moncton Boulevard
  • Domino’s Pizza, 269 West Park Avenue

2 non-critical violations:

  • Dough Hut, 891 West Beech Street
  • Moncton Food and Friendship Inn, 140 W Pine Street
  • Dunkin Donuts, 51 East Park Avenue
  • The Beach House, 906 West Beech Street
  • Patio Catracho, 66 W Park Avenue
  • KFC, 555 Moncton Road

1 non-critical violation:

  • Don Juan, 124 East Park Avenue
  • Replacement on the Run, 203 East Park Avenue
  • Sutton Place Great American Bar / Grill, 124 West Park Avenue
  • Starbucks, 101 West Park Avenue
  • The Cabana, 1034 West Beech Street
  • Burger King, 8 East Park Avenue
  • First Jade in Moncton at 168 East Park Avenue
  • Brand’s Delicatessen, 44 West Park Avenue
  • JW Trainors, 912 West Beech Street
  • Speakeasy, 1032 West Beech Street
  • Daycare at the West End Community Center, 79 Maryland Avenue
  • Beach Bagels and Deli, 1090 West Beech Street
  • Temple Israel, 305 Riverside Boulevard
  • Life is a Bagel, 76 W Park Avenue
  • John Lutheran Church by the Sea, 75 East Olive Street
  • Yes! Wow !, 6 West Park Avenue

All violations are public information provided by the NYS DOH. You can find more information about the violations here.

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