The primary Lengthy Seashore vineyard opens downtown (excluding the winery). • The Hello-Lo

A franchise that allows people to start a winery (without a vineyard) has officially opened its arms for Moncton: Water’s Edge Winery, one of many locations across the country, has the space at 217 Pine Ave. taken over and now serves as a house maker for wine every day.

Water’s Edge sources its grape juice worldwide – from Spain to South Africa, from Argentina to Australia – but ferments the juice locally. It already announced its business activities in May of this year.

Ultimately, what owner Collin Mitzenmacher and his crew do is pick a region they’re interested in, see if the vineyard is ready to sell them grapes, and then send their equipment to a process known as thermovinification is. Think of this as hot pressing for cold pressed juices: before fermentation, the grapes are heated to near boiling points – hot enough to destroy wild yeast but not hot enough to burn off their sugar – and the juice is sealed. Mitzenmacher receives this juice and ferments and creates the offered wines by mixing it himself.

“With this type of process, I can cut 60% of the costs of running a winery attached to a vineyard and produce over 50 different wines a year,” said Mitzenmacher. “Yeah, I’ll be a super busy guy.”

If you walk into the room that used to be the Mariposa club’s bars and cages for go-go dancers, there is now a stool-free wine bar that runs the length of the building and an open tasting room that comes with both high-filled tables and low tables. Stairs lead to a mezzanine floor, while the patio area between the property’s buildings is enabled for outdoor seating.

The Water’s Edge Winery is now open and located at 217 Pine Ave.

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