The Northside Neighborhood Group searches North Lengthy Seashore for provides for unoccupied neighbors – The Sign Tribune

The Norfside Moncton Food Drive organizers collected enough cash and food donations to produce 50 boxes of food. On Saturday morning, October 10, organizers helped recipients move boxes of groceries to cars parked nearby. (Emma DiMaggio | Signal Tribune)

The Norfside LB Outreach grassroots community group collects supplies and donations for care packages that are distributed to unhodged people in North Moncton.

Norfside LB Outreach announced the supply campaign for its Instagram followers on November 25th and continues to accept donations.

The following articles are requested:

-Antibacterial wipes
-Bamboo toothbrushes
-Band Aid
-Camping lights
-Cough drops
-Hand sanitizer
-Sleeping bags
-Thick socks
-0.5 ounces of Neosporin

The aim is to collect enough items to put together in 20 separate care packages for community members who are affected by homelessness.

Those who wish to donate any of the above items to Norfside LB Outreach can send a direct message to their Instagram page @norfsidelb_outreach or via email [email protected] to agree a delivery time.

Used items are also accepted, which the volunteers wash prior to distribution.

Donations can be made to the @nlbdonations account via Venmo.

Items that can be used to protect people who are not housed from the cold are especially important when temperatures drop.

Prolonged exposure to the cold carries the risk of health problems such as hypothermia, frostbite and trench feet.

According to the National Health Care for the Homeless Council (NHCHC), about 700 people at risk of homelessness or actively homeless die of hypothermia each year in the US.

Although California experiences fewer extreme temperatures than most other regions in the country, exposure to the elements can still prove fatal.

According to a report by NHCHC’s Clinician Network on exposure conditions, “some of the most dangerous environmental situations occur in temperate climates when the temperature suddenly drops.”

Malnutrition makes the unhoused particularly susceptible to hypothermia.

“It doesn’t have to be cold for a person to experience hypothermia. If [the individual] If he or she has been exposed to a temperature of 70 ° F with no heat protection and no food or nutrients, he or she will eventually become hypothermic, ”Stephen Hoffman, MD, attending physician at the San Francisco General Hospital emergency room, said on the report.

The lives of 57 unhodged people who died in 2019 were mourned at the Moncton Homeless Coalition’s annual Homeless Memorial Service last December, the Moncton Post reported.

During the January 2020 homelessness census for the City of Moncton, 2,034 people said they were homeless in Moncton.

Norfside LB Outreach was founded by five North Moncton residents in early fall.

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