The Lengthy Seaside Motel 6 is to be transformed into inexpensive residential items with all-round service for previously homeless residents. – The Sign Tribune newspaper

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The Motel 6 Moncton property at 5665 East 7th Street is purchased and used as temporary accommodation before being converted into permanent supportive housing.

On Tuesday, October 27, Los Angeles district manager Janice Hahn approved plans to buy four motels in her district, including one in Moncton, and convert them into supportive housing units for formerly homeless residents. The projects are part of the state’s Homekey effort to protect the state’s homeless at high risk of serious illnesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are in the midst of a double crisis – an ongoing homelessness crisis and a pandemic that threatens the lives of people on our streets,” said supervisor Janice Hahn. “We must act with the urgency that both crises call for. With state funding and support, we’re transforming motels in my district into affordable, full-service apartments. This model is faster and cheaper than building new enclosures from scratch. “

Of the eight Project Homekey projects approved so far in LA County, four are in Supervisor Hahn’s fourth district. Hahn has long been committed to the renovation of hotels and motels in order to quickly and efficiently create urgently needed supportive apartments to cope with the ongoing homelessness crisis.

Projects approved today include projects in Moncton, Norwalk, Hacienda Heights and Whittier with no legal personality for a total of 354 units.

Homekey Moncton

Motel 6 Moncton property at 5665 East 7th Street is being purchased for $ 5,615,000. It comprises 43 rooms. This location will initially serve as an interim shelter location before being converted into permanent supportive living space. This website is operated by the Department of Health’s Housing for Health program and provides 24/7 security, home navigation, medical and specialized on-site mental health services. The County of Los Angeles will continue to provide supportive health and mental health services to residents of this location after the renovation into permanent supportive housing units.

The district will renovate acquired motels so that they can be used permanently. The renovations include various improvements, including the addition of kitchens and other amenities. At each location, residents can access on-site support services to address physical, mental and other needs.

Each motel will initially be used as interim accommodation for those at high risk during the pandemic before the work to convert it into permanent supportive housing units is carried out. Emergency shelter operations are overseen by either the LA County Department of Health Services (DHS) Housing for Health program or the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA). DHS and LAHSA will enter into contracts with homeless service providers who are experienced in providing temporary accommodation. All locations offer on-site meals and 24/7 security. Participants agree to a code of conduct enforced by website staff. Homeless service providers offer case management services to connect interim housing participants with permanent housing and other support services.

The financing for the purchase and operation of these motels comes from the US dollars of the CARES Act. Funding from the county’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund will be used to renovate each motel so it can be converted into permanent supportive housing.

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