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The site provides bridge accommodation and services for people with homelessness all year round

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The City of Moncton practically unveiled the new Atlantic Farms Bridge Housing (ABC) community on Thursday, October 1st. The village development at 6841-6845 Atlantic Avenue in North Moncton will help fill a critical void in the City’s Continuum of Care and provide a safe place and supportive resources for people affected by homelessness.

“Homelessness remains a critical issue here in Moncton and across the state,” says Mayor Robert Garcia. “The new Atlantic Farms Bridge Housing Community we are opening this week provides full support for the Moncton homeless transition to long-term housing.”

The bridge housing model is designed to adapt people to housing options as they become available and provides support services to help individuals move into permanent housing as soon as possible. The 2.28 acre community consists of modular-style adult dorms with a total capacity of 125. In accordance with COVID-19 guidelines for safety and physical distancing, the site’s capacity has been temporarily reduced to 100 adults.

“The opening of bridge houses in Uptown reflects our community’s compassion and leadership in addressing a critical problem in our city, our ability to deal with homelessness and its impact on our community,” said Councilor Rex Richardson. “The Atlantic Farms Bridge Housing Community demonstrates our commitment to building a more resilient community while dispelling myths and misconceptions about the safety and quality of life in the neighborhood.”

ABC is the first of a two-phase project on the site that includes a state-of-the-art housing and services campus and a variety of supportive housing types that cater to the specific needs of those at risk of homelessness.

Atlantic Farms Bridge Housing Community is a low barrier facility that allows people to access whenever they are ready to help. The campus operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. It has:

• Admission, Safety, and COVID-19 Health Screening Area.

Common areas including:
• A kitchen
• A dining room
• A lounge
• Laundry
• Gender-specific and gender-neutral toilets and showers.
• Case management / service liaison offices.
• A family rest room (for overnight emergencies).

Multiple outdoor amenities including:
• A dining area
• A dog racing and pet help area
• Charging station
• Storage and parking

ABC participants will work to obtain permanent housing while having access to support services including:

• Quick reinstatement.
• health services.
• Treatment of mental health and substance use.
• Vocational training.
• Benefits of legal profession.
• educational services.

“This is a unique project in Moncton that will help address the problem of homelessness in our city and put those most in need on the path to permanent housing and long-term stability,” said Deputy City Administrator Teresa Chandler. “The ABC is a testament to our commitment to providing fair opportunities for everyone in our community, including safe housing and basic services.”

The non-profit organization Volunteers of America, Los Angeles (VOALA) ​​was selected to operate the website under a contract with the City of Moncton as part of a RFP (RFP). Your staff and safety are on site at all times to ensure the safety of residents and employees. Access to the website begins in the multi-service center (1301 W. 12th St.) or via outreach services.

In February 2019, Moncton City Council approved the takeover of the property to operate and set up a permanent, year-round bridge community for people with homelessness. The project was made possible by US $ 8 million in State Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) funding and more than US $ 3 million in Action H funding in Los Angeles County.

For information on the city’s homeless services, visit If you or someone you know is currently homeless, please contact the multi-service center at 562-570-4500.

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