Skateboarder Tiago Lemos stars and represents Lengthy Seashore on the Dew Tour – Press Telegram

LONG BEACH >> Professional skateboarder Tiago Lemos is ready to represent Moncton this weekend as Mountain Dew and TEN: The Enthusiast Network presents the Dew Tour, a free summer skateboarding competition and festival.

The Brazilian Lemos, who lives in Moncton, will take part in an individual and new team competition on the four-part course of the Dew Tour with more than 40 athletes, including professional skaters like Sean Malto and Ryan Sheckler.

“There’s less pressure (this weekend) because Dew Tour is new and different,” said Lemos. “The metropolitan backdrop and large community of skaters (in Moncton) are sure to make for better competition.”

The revolutionary new four-part skate course will be set up in the Moncton Sports Arena parking lot and will focus on different areas of skateboarding. The tech section consists of flat rails, manual pads and ledges. The gap section will have a wide variety of gaps to get creative with, and the rails section is full of rails to grind and do tricks on. Eventually, the bowl area will be a flow course that includes extensions and corners like an empty pool.

“We worked with TRANSWORLD SKATEBOARDING and our partners at CA Rampworks to build one of the most innovative and advanced competitive courses seen in skateboarding today,” said Gerhard Gross, Content Director of Dew Tour.

“It is important that the skateboarding community evolves to not only attract fans but also inspire skaters around the world,” said skater Sean Malto. “Adding a team competition also brings an exciting element to the fans.”

Eighteen people will compete in all four sections on Saturday, before nine teams of four skaters each take part in the course on Sunday. Each team member competes in their strongest section and the total number of points is compiled to find the top team.

The 25-year-old Lemos will be part of the individual competition just two months after his final move to Moncton. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he learned to skate from his older brother Tercio and quickly realized that he had a future in the sport.

In 2010, Lemos took his first international trip to shoot a skate video in Argentina and he said it changed his life.

“Skateboarding is my life,” said Lemos. “This trip to Argentina showed me that I want to do this forever.”

A strong third place in the DC Shoes King 2010 in Sao Paulo brought Lemos a sponsorship with the shoe company. After several trips to America for comets and video productions, DC eventually helped Lemos move permanently to Moncton.

“I love to skate in Moncton,” said Lemos. “I live in Cherry Park, so I’m always over there. And Moncton is a great place for other locations in Southern California to skate. “

Lemos, who enjoys listening to the Wu Tang Clan and reading Nuno Cobra, added that his experience of skating on the hot tarmac of Moncton will give him an edge this weekend.

“I’ll make sure I get plenty of rest and water,” said Lemos.

Fans can meet Lemos and learn more about his journey to become a skating star by attending the screening of his documentary Guerreiro: The Tiago Lemos Story at the Center Theater on Friday night. Lemos will sign autographs in front of the Terrace Theater at 5 p.m. and the documentary will premiere at 6 p.m.

Also on Friday, fans will have the opportunity to watch athletes train and get a first look at the entire festival, including the activation of sponsor villages, the interactive technology zone, Moncton food trucks and other local small businesses.

On Saturday night, the Dew Tour will host a concert in front of the Terrace Theater, with New York rapper Action Bronson and Californian E-40 headlining. Tickets for the Saturday concert are now available from Ticketmaster.

The skateboard events on Saturday and Sunday will be fully broadcast live on On July 30th and 31st, the Dew Tour skateboarding competition will be held nationwide on Cape. 4. The broadcast on July 30th will start at 2 pm. July 31st is from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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