Residents excited over U-Haul provide on former Moncton Excessive College constructing

Moncton — News of U-Haul’s recent proposal to purchase the historic former Moncton High School building and renovate it into a self-storage and retail space is being greeted by Monctonians with overwhelming approval, according to a new poll by Statistics Atlantic.

The survey, which asked Moncton residents to choose 1 of 3 options currently being tabled by city council over what should be done with the building, found 72 percent were in favour of U-Haul’s plans it buy it, 26 percent saying they would like to see the building torn down and left an empty lot, and only 2 percent agreeing the property should be used as a cultural centre and public library.

“I just wish council would get off their butts and let U-Haul buy the thing already,” said local Mike Johnston. “I mean I can’t think of a better place for U-Haul than an old historic property right in downtown Moncton. It’d be nice not to have to drive all over hell and creation just to rent a moving truck every 5 or 10 years.”

In addition to those expressing their approval of U-Haul’s proposal, many Moncton locals also vehemently asserted their opposition to the idea of the building being adapted as a cultural centre.

“U-Haul wants to buy the place so let them frigging buy it!” said Tammy Smith. “We don’t need to spend more of OUR tax dollars on some artsy-fartsy cultural place with a frigging library. Who needs a library for cryin’ out loud? Like they think anyone in this city actually reads or even knows how.”

“U-Haul’s a great company and they’re ready and willing to take the thing, so let’s get the show on the road!” exclaimed Todd Russell. “There’s only like 5 people putting up a fuss over this and to them I say we don’t need a cultural centre — we’ve got too much goddamn culture here as it is.”

Adding, “I’m sure they’ll put up some nice picture in the lobby of a U-haul truck driving through the Rockies or something like that. That to me should be enough to appease those cultured types.”

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