Ontario-based author says Moncton meals scene price exploring

A Toronto-based travel and food writer has high praise for Moncton’s eatery scene. Citing the walk ability of the downtown core to the local ingredient selection of some restaurants.

Bert Archer was impressed with Moncton mainstays like the Tide and Boar Gastropub, Manuka Cuisine Instinctive and the Laundromat Espresso Bar. But he was most impressed with the food shift to something more unique.

Bert Archer a travel and food writer said the Moncton downtown is improving, especially its walk ability. (Twitter)“I think it’s a scene that is very much relying on local ingredients,” said Archer. “It’s one that sort of, just in my mind, now [comes] with the idea of straying away from app comfort foods, the tried-and-true comfort foods like pizza and burgers thing. It’s coming up with very new, very good food.”

He said each place had something different to offer. The Tide and Boar offered fried cheese curds that were different than other pub foods, but delicious and different. Archer said Manuka’s menu changes every couple of days depending on the local ingredients it gathered. And the Laundromat Espresso Bar had a beer selection that could compete with some Toronto-based pubs.

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Bert Archer is a travel and food writer based in Toronto with high praise for Moncton’s restaurant scene“I was able to have a great time just walking around the downtown core,” said Archer.

He also praised the downtown atmosphere. Archer said he was surprised to see how many people were out Thursday and Friday night after the bars were closed. But after partaking in Saint John’s Port City Royal, he thinks it’s all getting better.

“It seems like a provincial-wide thing,” said Archer. 

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