Northwestern Football Tailgating

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There are few examples of greater sporting celebrations than those seen in Northwestern Football Tailgating. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; this region is known for being home to some of the most persistent football supporters alive.  And they deserve to tailgate properly.

This applies to hardcore Northwestern University fans, that show their passionate love for the team year after year.

We ask ourselves: How could we miss out on the opportunity to offer them the best possible custom tailgating experience? The answer is: we can’t. And we haven’t. That’s why we’ve directed all our efforts into creating the single best Northwestern tailgating company in the country. 

We believe we’ve achieved that, but it’s time for you to judge for yourself.

What’s so special about hiring a tailgating agency? 

At Exclusive Event Experiences, we believe tailgating is a core element of American sports culture. These celebrations have virtually existed from the very foundation of football leagues, and they’ve become much more than just a party.

Northwestern University football tailgating, at least when properly arranged, has the potential to encourage our teams as few supporting expressions can. These events are the perfect portrait of the overall strength of a community, and therefore, of the morale of the team.

That’s why tailgating is much more than just a party; it’s a part of the game experience. And we are set to provide everything you need to win. 

Key services:

  • Premium Beverages
  • Gourmet Grilled Cuisine
  • Cigar Lounge
  • Private Shuttle to Stadium

You can select the individual pass or get the bundle deal for up to four people, which in all cases include the following:

  • Entrance into 5,000 sq ft exclusive Arena Club
  • 3 Hours of Pregame Entertainment and Networking
  • All you can eat Gourmet Food
  • Open Bar with Top Shelf Liquor, Beer, and Wine
  • TV’s, Music, and Entertainment
  • Waitressing service
  • Complimentary Cigar Bar

Custom packages for Northwestern football tailgating

We believe the best way to succeed when tailgating is to create a tailored experience for all. We encourage all our clients to pick from our more than 200 tailgating services and build their own party. Don’t panic; it’s as easy as it sounds:

How to Reserve Your Package

  1. Select the items you would like to add to your package by clicking on each item
  2. Once you select your items, click the quote request button in the bottom right of your screen. ​
  3. Enter the date of the game that you are looking to book your package for.
  4. Click submit, and you will receive an email confirming your order to make your payment. A 50% deposit is required guarantee your order.

However, if you are looking for pre-made packages, we also got you covered. Our basic offers include team-themed tents, tables, and tablecloths. Climbing up the ladder, the offer can include grills, folding chairs, and cornhole sets with bags—everything you need to make the game day an unforgettable experience.

The season is getting closer and closer, so it’s time you start making all the preparations. And don’t even begin to worry if you don’t live in the area; we have traveling services that will put you in that tailgate on time for you to be ready to cry, laugh, and scream at referees. 

Just visit or further information and get the most out of tailgating!

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Northwestern Football Tailgating

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