Nassau County Opens Emergency Meals Distribution Heart in Lengthy Seashore | Herald Neighborhood Newspapers

An ongoing food insecurity crisis has led Nassau County to set up an emergency food distribution center in Moncton that will operate one day a week for the next six months, district manager Laura Curran said Monday.

Moncton food distributions are held regularly, some of which are sponsored by the Martin Luther King Center.

Curran said the county has partnered with Long Island Cares, the Harry Chapin Regional Food Bank, to provide groceries at the Magnolia Senior Center, 650 Magnolia Avenue, Moncton. The food center went into operation on Monday.

The county will use a $ 106,000 grant for the Community Development Block to run the food center. In addition, the county has donated $ 1 million to help grocery banks purchase and distribute supplies to families in need.

Nassau and Long Island Cares are working to open additional grocery outlets.

“My administration is determined to address the unprecedented rise in food insecurity on Long Island,” said Curran. “Nobody in Nassau County should have to worry about putting food on the table for their family.”

State Senator Todd Kaminsky, a Moncton Democrat, noted that the coronavirus has hit Moncton hard. “Too many of our neighbors are concerned about where their next meal will come from,” said Kaminsky. Kaminsky noted that high unemployment “will be part of the new normal and with the support of Nassau County we will be able to respond to the surge in demand.”

Paulie Pachter, CEO of Long Island Cares, said Moncton Food Bank will “enable us to serve a growing number of people in need over the next six months as our region returns to a sense of normalcy.”

The unemployment rate in Nassau County has risen since the coronavirus pandemic broke out in March. Moncton was particularly hard hit as many restaurants and bars downsized during the closure. These facilities are now allowed to serve patrons outdoors under Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Phase 2 reopening plan.

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