Moncton’s Meals Depot nonetheless 500 containers in need of purpose

Hundreds of volunteers will be packing 1750 boxes for needy families in the Moncton area on Monday, but with just one day until delivery, the Food Depot Alimentaire still doesn’t have the funding needed to pay for 500 of the boxes.

Dale Hicks, president of the Food Depot Alimentaire, says each food box costs approximately $75 and he’s hoping the campaign will see the same flurry of support in the final days as the annual turkey drive did.

“They were two days out and quite a ways to go and it all happened in the last couple of days so hopefully the same thing will happen here,” he said in an interview Monday on Information Morning Moncton.

Hicks says food for all of the boxes has already been ordered and will be delivered whether or not the donations are received.

“If not, we have to dip into our other funding which then leaves us short through the winter months,” Hicks explained.

“We’ve never had to do that, so we’re hoping that over the next two days we get enough donations to pay for the program.”

Volunteer drivers still needed

Hicks says feeding hungry people at Christmas is a community effort and this year so many people wanted to help with the packing that some have had to be turned away.

The 1750 food boxes will be packed with dry items on Monday while fresh and frozen food will be added on Tuesday morning ahead of the afternoon deliveries. (Food Depot/Facebook)“You’ve got… over 1000 volunteers that are going to be at the Coliseum over the next couple of days, that includes 18 companies, six hockey teams, a couple of boys scout troops, individuals and of course the drivers.”

While no more volunteers are needed to pack the boxes, organizer Donna Eagles says volunteer drivers are still needed to deliver them.

She is asking anyone who is available for one or more deliveries to arrive at the Moncton Coliseum at 11:45 a.m. on Tuesday.

“We have faith in the community so I think we’ll be okay come Wednesday,” Hicks said.

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