Moncton’s Fort Manor sale sparks nationwide curiosity

A Moncton real estate listing for the historic Castle Manor is capturing attention across the country.

The website of the Vancouver newspaper the Province features a story about the sale, showing Castle Manor is more affordable than some bungalows in the city’s east end.

The Gothic Revival-style castle located on Mountain Road is listed for $700,000.

The article also shows what that amount can buy in East Vancouver with pictures of four small bungalows.

The average home sells for even more, said Cameron Muir, the chief economist for the British Columbia Real Estate Association.

“The median price of a single detached home in East Vancouver last month was $915,000 and through the entire year, the average in 2013, was $885,000.”

Comparing the two markets is an eye opener for Kathy Guitard, the real estate agent selling Castle Manor.

The manor needs the right buyer who will appreciate the history of the building, she said.

“The long term goal, and hopefully what’s going to happen with all this interest, is the right buyer is going to bubble to the surface that will really, truly love the project and do what’s best for it.”

The Vancouver article is making the rounds on social media and Guitard said she’s getting a lot of phone calls as word spreads.

It’s estimated redeveloping the property will cost between $0.5 million and $1.5 million.

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