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Council members also voted to approve a new city administrator, the eviction ban and the March 3 election results.

On its April 14 conference call, Moncton City Council appointed a new city administrator, discussed relief from COVID-19, and ratified the March 3 election results.

City manager
The city council voted unanimously to approve Tom Modica as the new city administrator for Moncton.

Modica has served as acting city administrator since the resignation of former city administrator Pat West, who resigned in late 2019.

Before that he worked under Pat West as deputy city manager.

In his comments, Mayor Garcia thanked Modica for nearly 20 years of service in Moncton and applauded him for all the work he has done since the health crisis began.

“Mr. Monica, […] Your handling of the COVID crisis has been impressive and outstanding, and you have done a great job and are really up to the occasion in this crisis, ”said the mayor.

Councilor Rex Richardson reiterated that statement, describing the decision as prudent given the ongoing pandemic.

“I’m pretty sure there aren’t many new city managers [could] Go into a crisis and run the organization. What you’ve done so far is really impressive and we have a lot more to do, ”said Richardson.

In his comments, Modica thanked the mayor and the rest of the council for the appointment and leadership.

He also thanked his team, who work hard every day to best serve the residents of Moncton.

“Our mission is really to make Moncton a little better every day and that’s something they really excel at,” said Modica.

Election results
The council voted for the adoption of three resolutions on the March 3rd elections in the 2nd, 6th and 8th districts.

The first resolution calls on the city council to announce the results of the March 3 nomination election.

The second decision was for the Council to announce the results of the special election held on the same day for the two election measures submitted by the city – Measure A and Measure B.

Measure A was passed by the voters with almost 16 votes. Voting allows the tax to be extended beyond the original 2027 expiration date.

Measure B passed with more support, a margin of 20%.

The final decision is to order and announce the general local elections, which will take place on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. There are three seats for councilors from Districts 2, 6, and 8 to choose from.

A seat on the Board of Directors of the Moncton Unified School District will also be controversial.

Worker aid
The city council voted to promote a range of protective measures for workers in Moncton.

The subject was a complex one for the Council, which debated details of the bill and the impact of the law on small businesses and local workers.

One of the measures would be to give hospitality and janitorial workers in the hotel industry the right to return to work at the end of the health crisis. The initiative applies to workers who have been made redundant or whose working hours have been reduced.

Another measure also requires hotels to prioritize Moncton employees by putting them at the forefront of reopening businesses.

The council also approved a measure requiring companies with a presence in Moncton with at least 500 employees nationally to provide 80 additional hours of sick leave for employees.

This regulation does not apply to companies that were closed due to the health order

The council will officially vote on the measures when the prosecutor returns with a revised regulation.

Housing inspections and fees
Due to the ongoing health crisis, the city council agreed that the city administrator should work with other departments to work on a suspension of the Proactive Rental Housing Inspection Program (PRHIP) and business-related fees.

The recommendation initially called for a suspension of fees for the renewal of business licenses. During the meeting, however, council members discussed extending the suspension – due to the inability of many landlords and businesses to make a profit during the shutdown.

In addition, the recommendation called on the city administration to provide more financial relief for owners of residential and commercial buildings affected by COVID-19.

During the discussion, Linda Tatum, director of Moncton Development Services, stated that the city would continue to respond to calls related to safety concerns.

The role of the PRHIP is to ensure that apartment buildings are habitable and comply with the standard set out in the city’s municipal code. Inspections are carried out through reviews by the city.

“Let me make it clear [the City] is still responding to complaints related to health and life safety issues, ”Tatum said. “It’s just that they don’t go out and do the routine proactive PRHIP inspections. But we do proactive life and health security for PRHIP and for any other code enforcement complaints we receive. “

After weeks of debate, the Council officially voted to issue a regulation temporarily prohibiting evictions until May 31, 2020. The new policy takes effect immediately.

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