Lengthy Seaside marijuana dispensary swaps toys for tacos on the free neighborhood live performance – The Sign Tribune

Cozy Sesh 8 participants play with giant jenga blocks while listening to music on December 7th.

ShowGrow marijuana pharmacy filled three large boxes with donated school supplies and toys at their Cozy Sesh 8 event on Saturday, December 7th.

This is the third year ShowGrow has a toy promotion, but in the first year the company combined the charity event with one of its Cozy Sesh concerts. ShowGrow told the Signal Tribune in a social media message that there would most likely be the toys and school supplies at Mercy House for distribution, but at press time this has not been confirmed.

Everyone who made a donation on Saturday received two free tacos courtesy of the Moncton Food Truck Bomb Azz Tacos.

Prior to Cozy Sesh 8, ShowGrow voted on social media to find its customers’ favorite taco truck in Moncton, and Bomb Azz Tacos won by over 100 votes, according to ShowGrow.

Analog Records, in addition to ShowGrow, has also set up a card writing station so people can make cards to accompany their gifts to the children.

There were DJ booths at Analog Records and on the property next to the store that provided music throughout the event. Participating DJs included members of the recently formed Moncton DJ collective Secret Service.

“We’re trying to build a community,” said Katrina Fuller, a member of the secret service who goes by the stage name DJ KA3NA, to the Signal Tribune. “People who like disco funk house music. And so we throw monthly events and guest DJs other events. We’re trying to build for this city. We try to reach out to local artists too, then work together and do it like a little family in our town. “

The main actor of the night was George Townsend, who is part of the English DJ duo Bondax together with Adam Kaye. Bondax was originally supposed to appear on Cozy Sesh 7 last month but announced on social media on Nov. 8th that due to delays in visa processing, they would postpone their performance for Cozy Sesh 8 on Dec. 7th. 3 Bondax announced on social media that only Townsend would perform on the remaining shows on Bondax’s North American tour in Moncton, Mexicali and New York.

As with previous Cozy Sesh events, various recreational marijuana brands and companies were in attendance to share their products with the community and get customer feedback. Participating brands included Body and Mind Connection, Ervana, Honey, Moxie, and Pantry.

Pantry is a company that works with chefs to create foods fortified with THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. “Food” is the common name for food containing cannabis. Ingesting THC has a stronger and longer lasting effect than smoking or vaping.

Scott Jennings, founder of Pantry, stood by his booth in a Santa hat, providing the crowd with free refreshments while promoting Pantry’s line of THC olive oil and chocolates and hearing customer feedback.

“I don’t want to tell the community what to eat,” Jennings told the Signal Tribune. “As a personal consumer, I have my own suggestions, of course, but we’re here to listen. […] Pantry wants to be a community brand and we appreciate community feedback to find out what we can deliver to them that would be optimal for their experience and knowledge. “

Pantry products can be purchased online through marijuana delivery services in Los Angeles, the Bay Area and Palm Springs.

ShowGrow hopes to set its musical events apart from other venues by including charities and marijuana education in its free Cozy Sesh concerts.

“There’s a huge take on Cozy that really sets it apart from any other music event that’s happening right now,” ShowGrow told the Signal Tribune on social media.

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