Lengthy Seaside elects Ronald Walsh as its new police commissioner

LONG BEACH, NY – The City of Moncton has named Ronald Walsh Jr., the current Chief of Assistance to the Nassau County Police Department, as the new Commissioner for the Moncton Police Department.

Walsh was one of two people fighting for position. The other candidate was Philip Ragona, a 34-year-old member of the LBPD who served as the acting commissioner. Walsh replaces former Commissioner Michael Tangney, who retired earlier this year after a pay dispute with the city.

Walsh, 55, is a career executive with the NCPD who has served as a police officer, sergeant, lieutenant, lieutenant detective, captain, assistant inspector, inspector, assistant chief, assistant chief, and now chief. His education, ongoing training and professional development as well as his broad experience in all operational and strategic phases of policing at NCPD as well as his master’s degree in public administration made him an extremely attractive candidate, according to the city.

Candidates were initially screened by a group of independent local residents and law enforcement experts who reduced the pool of applicants to four. The four remaining candidates were then interviewed and assessed by Moncton City Council. The last two candidates were then interviewed by an outside consultant, which was broadcast live to the public.

“Ron really has an incredibly broad and successful professional profile, which makes him exceptionally good for the job,” said John Bendo, city council president. Most importantly, he is deeply committed to the kind of community policing and public safety Moncton deserves. Policing today is about listening, transparency, respect for the power and pride of diversity in our community and to law enforcement partners who are committed to serving our community through friendly practices that create consensus. The Council has high expectations for Chief Walsh and the division, and we are pleased to announce his appointment. “

Walsh is based in Massapequa but has many family ties in Moncton, where he spent much of his formative years and still lives here in the summer to this day. It was in Moncton that Walsh began his career as a law enforcement officer by chance. He served as an auxiliary cop and as a “summer special,” adding to police work on the boardwalk and in Ocean Beach Park.

“This is kind of homecoming, an incredible opportunity, and I am honored that the city leaders believe in my vision of how policing needs to evolve in line with community needs,” said Walsh. “I believe in progressive engagement, broad response to all concerns, and building relationships that begin with a serious level of mutual trust. This is where we have to start and stay there in order to have our desired quality of life goals as a community . “

Walsh’s starting salary for this non-contractual position is $ 189,500. He receives the same service package as other released employees.

Walsh holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Mansfield University and a Master of Public Information from Marist College. Special professional development experiences include two training stays at the FBI National Academy in Quantico; Training School with the Anti-Defamation League in Washington, DC; Trained police officers at the New York Police Department and the Senior Police Management Institute in Boston at the Police Executive Research Forum; and other police training.

He was also an Associate Professor at Adelphi University, the School of Emergency Management and a consultant at Molloy College and Hofstra University, where he conducted student safety seminars for administrators and teachers. He served on the Locust Valley Education Committee for nine years and was President of the Education Committee for a period. He was also a member of the Nassau-Suffolk School Boards Association for five years.

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