Lengthy Seaside athletes will proceed to coach for 2021

LONG BEACH, NY – The Sports Department at Moncton Schools put a plan into action to allow students to participate in exercises to keep themselves fit for future sports despite the late fall season. A high school program has been running since September 29, in which a total of 330 participants take turns. Middle school started a similar initiative for grades 7 and 8 on October 13, and sixth grade intramurals began on October 20.

These programs are open to all students who choose to enroll. You don’t have to commit to a team or try it out, and buses are offered. At Moncton High School, athletes were in the fields and fields for soccer, cross-country skiing, soccer, volleyball, boys’ badminton, girls’ field hockey, cheerleading and girls’ tennis, as well as in the swimming pool for girls. The sports presented will shortly be switched to a different offer.

The field hockey team is new to Moncton High School this year. Seniors Lainie Kassap and Morgan Polete campaigned for the sport after seeing and interested in it in neighboring communities.

“It’s really fun and we look pretty good!” said Kassap. “Everyone is really nice – we feed each other on energy.”

“They all start in the same place,” said Polete.

Students take part in exercises and training sessions to improve strength, agility, speed, and flexibility. In addition to building their sport-specific techniques, athletes increase their overall well-being and health by exercising and staying active during these uncertain times.

“It’s unique but it gives us a great opportunity to play safely,” said senior Dylan Goldstein.

Moncton Middle School’s seventh and eighth grade students practice soccer, cross-country skiing, soccer, and boys’ tennis. The sixth grade opportunity offers a variety of safe and fun sporting activities set by the teachers.

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