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On the latest COVID-19 live stream, city officials discussed new test locations and guidelines, disinfection methods and stages for reopening the economy.

On Wednesday April 29, Mayor Robert Garcia announced that the current number of coronavirus cases in Moncton had risen to 629.

He also announced the city has three new disease-related deaths – bringing the total to 36.

The three new deaths consisted of two women and one man, all in their eighties who, according to the mayor, had health problems.

Garcia also discussed the city’s efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus in Moncton’s skilled care facilities – where around 80% of deaths have occurred, according to Mayor.

“This is a serious problem,” said Garcia. “And I think it is important for us to realize that these facilities are as stated by the governor [Gavin] Newsom and [los Angeles] County are a high priority for the city. “

The Mayor said that the City of Moncton will release more information about the impact of the coronavirus in these facilities, but the city needs to be careful about privacy concerns.

Health officials also test all patients and workers for symptoms or not.

Mayor Garcia also announced two new test locations as well as additional testing guidelines for frontline workers.

The first location is at Jordan Plus High School at 171 West Bort Ave. north of Moncton.

Garcia also said the Jordan Plus site will only test frontline workers such as medical workers, first responders and grocery store workers for two days.

The trial period begins on Thursday April 30th and ends on Friday May 1st.

The test site is open to all frontline staff who want to be tested, but they must make an appointment.

The website will open to everyone on Monday, May 4th and will follow similar guidelines as other test sites.

In addition, Garcia announced a new test location on the Moncton City College LAC campus in Veteran’s Stadium.

The site will open on Friday May 1st, but residents will be able to make appointments on Thursday April 30th.

Dr. Anissa Davis, the city health officer for Moncton, also discussed appropriate safety techniques for cleaning surfaces and handling chemicals.

On the live stream, Davis told viewers that the number of calls to the poison information department had increased by 20% compared to the previous year due to the increase in disinfection. Many of these calls are due to the improper use of chemicals.

Davis urged residents to read the labels on detergents before using them and not mix them, as doing so could cause a harmful chemical reaction.

She also recommended wearing gloves and eye protection, and working in a well-ventilated area. The best way to disinfect a frequently touched surface is to wash it with soap and water and use a detergent to kill any remaining germs.

Dr. Davis also stated that detergents like Lysol have been shown to have no effect on the coronavirus when ingested.

“Do not ingest or inject bleach or other disinfectants. This can cause serious health problems, including death, ”said Davis.

Reopening of the economy
Garcia also discussed Governor Newsom’s new policy on economic recovery.

According to the plan, cities should reach four stages before reopening the economy and picking up the stay at home orders.

Level 1 focuses on safety and preparation. Phase 2 reopens low risk jobs and phase 3 reopens high risk jobs. Finally, stage 4 is to break the order of the stay at home and revive the state.

Garcia stated that Moncton is currently in Phase 1 and that the steps the city has taken to improve testing and capacity for patients are part of that phase.

The mayor also said the city will move into phase two in “weeks, not months” and look forward to further announcements.

However, Garcia stated that the city will not reopen until it is finished.

“Please remember that we will not hurry. We are not rushing this process or going faster than the council of the governor or the county and city health authorities, ”Garcia said. “They are running this process as they should be.”

Garcia also asked small business owners in Moncton for more input.

On Monday April 27, Garcia announced a poll asking small business owners for suggestions on how best to reopen the economy after the stay-at-home order ends.

Garcia announced the city received over 6,000 responses but is looking for more input.

“We believe that small business owners will have the best and most innovative ideas for reopening their small business, so we want you to take the survey,” said Garcia.

To take the survey, visit longbeach.gov/Reopenlb.

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