Lengthy Seashore Colleges closed for two weeks attributable to coronavirus flareup

LONG BEACH, NY – Schools in the seaside city will be closed for two weeks due to multiple cases of the coronavirus, the school district said.

Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Gallagher made the announcement on Wednesday afternoon. She said the district had received reports of additional coronavirus cases, including in the transportation department, that “were seriously affecting the operability of our district.” The Nassau district health department requested the 14-day closure.

All students, including special education, will receive distance learning over the next two weeks. Schools will reopen for face-to-face learning on Nov. 12, Gallagher said.

According to the state, which was last updated on October 28, 7 students and 4 employees in the district tested positive for the virus.

The district has been looking into the cases over the past few weeks and has temporarily closed various schools. Earlier this week, Gallagher said the health department had told her the cases were not in schools but outside of schools.

“We have to behave as we did in March – very carefully,” she wrote to the families. “The consequences of not being careful (long-term school and business shutdowns) are too severe to be risked.”

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