Larger Moncton House Gross sales Nonetheless Scorching Sizzling

MONCTON – March was the second-best month in history for home sales in the greater Moncton area according to the latest figures.

Ryan Davison, president of Greater Moncton Realtors, says low home inventory was a problem, but that is now changing.

“Remember, we’re looking at stats that compare to March 2020 when we were closed for a couple of weeks. Statistically speaking, I believe that the number of advertisements has increased by almost 99 percent. “

Davison says the Greater Moncton market is in full swing as we enter spring and more people are putting their homes up for sale.

“Part of it is that people are starting to get used to the idea of ​​the market. We have some people who no doubt would have stayed on the sidelines to digest all the stories and wonder what that means for me as a seller. “

He notes that many buyers continue to come from outside the province, particularly Ontario.

After everything that happened last year, it’s hard to believe prices will continue to rise, says Davison.

He adds that a new record has been set for the tenth time in the past twelve months.

Allan Dearing is a news reporter at 91.9 The Bend in Moncton, a huddle content partner.

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