Here is what number of Lengthy Seashore 2020 candidates have been collected

LONG BEACH, NY – Running for office doesn’t come cheap. Candidates for the 2020 vote raised thousands of dollars trying to win their seats.

We looked at the latest state and federal government data to determine how much candidates who appeared on the Moncton ballot paper spent. The latest available data is from mid-October for both. But it shows that even weeks before the election, candidates were spending a lot of money trying to win.

4th congressional district

Incumbent Democrat Kathleen Rice was asked for the seat by Republican John Tuman. And Rice raised more than ten times Tuman’s. The Bundestag Election Commission considers the funds collected from January 1, 2019 as a contribution to the 2020 race. The latest data is from October 14.

As of Thursday, Rice still has a comfortable lead over Tuman, 147,425 votes to Tuman’s 134,225.

Kathleen Rice for Congress

  • Total increased: $ 962,741.85
  • Total spend: $ 1,025,379.52
  • Cash on hand: $ 231,359.22

Choose Tuman

  • Total increased: $ 88,268.67
  • Total spend: $ 66,532.48
  • Cash on hand: $ 21,736.19

Senate District 9

Democratic incumbent Todd Kaminsky was asked for the Senate seat by Republican Victoria Johnson. Even without the thousands of postal ballot papers that have yet to be counted, Kaminsky has a wide lead over Johnson (68,911 to 60,310).

Kaminsky also raised much, much more money than Johnson did. The most recent data from the state is as of October 5.

  • Total increased: $ 756,086.68
  • Total spend: $ 250,397.26

Victoria Johnson For the Senate

  • Total increased: $ 44,658
  • Total spend: $ 9,438.37

Assembly District 20

In the 20th century, incumbent Republican Melissa “Missy” Miller was challenged by Democrat Gregory Marks. By the end of election night, Miller had a very wide lead over Marks, 32,576 to 17,975.

Marks Miller by a wide margin.

Friends of Missy Miller

  • Total raised: $ 32,586
  • Total spend: $ 9,354.89

Gregory Marks for New York

  • Total increased: $ 101,053.34
  • Total spend: $ 70,110.74

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