Conservative Talk Radio Podcast

Conservative Talk Radio Podcast

Fault Line

Fault Line analyzes history through the lens of what influential people desire, their motives, what they know, how, and when they know it.


Unfinished is a show on America’s unsettled pasts. It has a season titled Deep South that scrutinizes the life and death of Isadore Banks. The wealthy Black businessman and the landowner were murdered in 1954, and the killer stayed unidentified. In a quest to explore further America’s murky past, the show gives people who’ve been sidelined or overshadowed voice.


This conservative podcast confronts the settlement of predator priests. Karna Lozoya, the host, respects both the faith and the victims as she relentlessly seeks the truth. “Healing” isn’t always possible; however, the show aims to provide the accountability that survivors were denied, even when child sexual abuse controversy in the church proceeds.

No Compromise

An NPR podcast that touches on gun-rights activists may sound like a  leftist confirmation bias-based exercise. The hosts Lisa Hagan, who grew up handling guns in the Midwest, and Chris Haxel, a veteran, provide a course in contentious politics. This comes with a plethora of opportunities to listen to fringey nonsense. However, the characters here are intelligent and rational.

Asking for It

An authentic piece of fiction from Mermaid Palace, Asking for It, shows the complicated side of domestic violence and the difficulties of walking away from an unhealthy relationship. The aspiring musician named  Goldie falls for a  more stable artist who eventually becomes attached and abusive. However, after the break-up, she comes through for Goldie in another abusive relationship. The thin lines between love and toxicity in the show or support and self-sabotage aren’t always clear. It is a trending American conservative podcast.

Dirty Diana

Dirty Diana is an excellent narrative fiction with a magnificent lead: Demi Moore. Shana Feste based the series on when she and her husband separated and dated others. This is a podcast I need to hear repeatedly due to the entertaining storyline.


The application (HQ Trivia) features a live quiz show created by founders of Vine, i.e., Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupov. It had gained approximately a million users within a few months of going live. However, its growth crashed.

Boom/Bust tracks the app’s fame, portraying the former host Scott Rogowsky; goofy comedy is crucial for understanding how sensational the app once was. The recent podcast also narrates a bigger story about the gold-rush enthusiasm of start-up culture.

 Slow Burn Season 4

The newest season of Slow Burn serves as a parable for understanding how Donald Trump took over the presidential office. The show is hosted by Josh Levin, who revisits the career of David Duke. David is the former Klu Klux Klan Grand Wizard who ran for governor of Louisiana in 1991 and lost in a runoff. Levin states at the beginning of the final episode. Slow Burn warns us that we should take these boogeymen too seriously.


Boomtown starts with a trip to western Texas’s U.S. Route 285, nicknamed “Death Highway,” due to its often-fatal accidents involving oil-related semi-truck traffic. This is before the oil prices have dramatically dropped during the pandemic. The show is a beautiful adventure filled with silliness, even though it brings forth troubling predictions for the future.

The Dream Season 2

The manufactured products are usually made as part of a multitrillion-dollar wellness industry that often relies on placebo. This may sound harmless. However, the host, Jane Marie, sets out to prove that it’s not.


Conservative Talk Radio Podcast