City Outfitters, Sephora be part of rising roster of tenants in 2nd and PCH developments. • Lengthy Seaside Put up Information

After announcing that they are expected to open this fall, the operators of the 11-acre retail complex on the southeast corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Second Street have confirmed that the Urban Outfitters lifestyle outlet and makeup -Giant Sephora have joined their roster of tenants.

This follows recent announcements that Shake Shack will be part of the development on the east coast, as well as Chef Michael Mina’s first foray into the Moncton food scene.

CenterCal Properties, the owner of the Alamitos Bay retail complex, will have around 60 tenants upon completion, but has for now confirmed the following in addition to Urban Outfitters and Sephora:

  • Whole food: The grocery chain will be the anchor tenant for developments, taking over one of the largest spaces on the corner of the project on Second Street and the Pacific Coast Highway.
  • Shake Shack: Start as a self-proclaimed “roadside burger stand” in Madison Square Park in New York City – it’s easy to forgive the long-standing tradition of Columbus-ing In-N-Out and try to get around 60 in-N-Out Acquiring Out Years after Baldwin Park opened, Shake Shack only switched from a summer-only stand to a full-fledged restaurant chain in 2004.
  • The bungalow: Michelin-starred Chef Michael Mina will be serving a small but mighty menu at The Bungalow’s first location in Moncton, which has two existing locations, one in Santa Monica and one in Huntington Beach. Born in Egypt, Mina received his first Michelin star for his restaurant of the same name in San Francisco and has made a name for himself at least in the bay, which stands for the city’s food scene.
  • Hungry Angelina: After opening a huge 4500 square meter flagship store on the first floor of the Etsy headquarters, the vegan restaurant Hungry Angelina – the brainchild of Chef Michael Kenney – will be its second location in New York and its first location in California here in Moncton open.
  • Mixes greens: This San Francisco-based mini-chain is promoting its “Eco-Gourmet” menu, which serves eco-friendly meals, despite being acquired by the world’s largest food and beverage company, Nestlé.
  • Ola Mexican cuisine: Of the food offerings, this is perhaps the least exciting as it has just opened a much-touted, but less than outstanding, flagship store in Huntington Beach. If you’re charging $ 17 for a three-taco plate, Taco Maria a la Costa Mesa is better off making spectacular, but Ola is mostly synonymous with “meh.”
  • Tocaya Organica: The LA-based fast-casual spot is a definite upgrade from Ola and features vegan Mexican food that, while nowhere near the quality of Seabirds Kitchen or Under the Sun, is decent, approachable, and brightly coated. This will be their first location between San Diego and LA
  • Caffee Luxxe: With three locations in the Los Angeles area – one in Brentwood, one in Santa Monica, and one in Malibu – this place was one of the first to bring third wave coffee to the Los Angeles scene (though long after Lord Windsor and Rose Park in Moncton the trend started here).
  • Free people: The self-described women’s clothing store “Boho” has a large number of existing boutiques ranging from Torrance to Costa Mesa. Who are they aimed at? This is how founder Meg Hayne describes it: “This is who we want to reach: A 26 year old girl, smart, creative, confident and comfortable in all aspects of her being, free and adventurous, sweet to harsh to romantic. “
  • Linne’s Boutique: As one of Seal Beach’s anchor stores on Main Street, this tiny store will open its second location selling everything from silk comono cardigans to plaid dresses to rompers.
  • Holly & Hudson: This Newport Beach Nail Spa is growing rapidly and has opened a second location in Huntington Beach and a soon to be opened location in Manhattan Beach. Basically, ladies and gentlemen alike can go inside, have a few cocktails and give their hands a Treat Yo Self-Tag.
  • Cotton hair dryer bar: This Huntington Beach-based salon is a salon that specializes in Brazilian blowouts.
  • Motion Stretch Studio: This national gym, with existing locations in Austin, Boston, and Atlanta before expanding into the San Diego and Moncton markets, is focused on stretching to “increase flexibility, improve freedom of movement, and even increase your immunity, according to marketing strengthen”.
  • Barry’s Bootcamp: With locations from Venice Beach to Irvine, this popular bootcamp-style workout joint brags about burning 1,000 calories in one-on-one sessions with its instructors.

Brian Addison is a columnist and editor for the Moncton Post. Reach him below [email protected] or on social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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