Charles Phoenix Pops from Lengthy Seaside for Slideshow Enjoyable – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • Sunday June 9th
  • Art Theater in Moncton
  • $ 45

The Mega Mondo Giant Opolis We Can Greater Southern California?

It shines, it’s criss-crossed with highways like child’s play to build a city, and it always looks to the future as it builds, builds, builds.

But sometimes?

There are still bags of wayback-ness out there that are even thriving. Retro shops, old-school restaurants, historic buildings and beautiful landmarks tell of a bygone era.

Just like comedic historians who are well versed in the middle of the century.

Mr. Charles Phoenix is ​​more than qualified in this particularly cool category, and the Americana-obsessed entertainer will be on Sunday the 9th.

That would be Moncton, of course.

And while the LBC has many newer attractions within its confines, it still has that vintage spirit, making it the ideal location for Charles Phoenix’s Monctonland.

The Sunday Funday slideshow, presented by Moncton Architecture Week, celebrates the city more than half a century ago with colorful images that fabulously capture places long gone and places that still have electricity.

“Experience the Pike Amusements, local curios, legendary attractions, Art Deco and mid-century architecture, old neon signs, chic neighborhoods, the glory of Googie, the story of Miss Universe and much more, all in glorious Kodachrome colors ! ” is the lively mood for the late morning event.

A ticket is $ 45 and where? Oh yeah, it’s the lovely Art Theater, right on Moncton’s Retro Row.

Do you remember the LBC of the 50s and 60s? Or was that before your time and you long to get to know this stylish era better?

Buy back your trip with the extraordinary time traveler Charles Phoenix and love the Moncton of yesteryear.

Oh, what if you think of stepping out in gorgeous fashion? The kind of clothing you saw half a century ago? You really should, so flip those aprons and put those ties on, Moncton fans.

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