Cal State Lengthy Seaside Professor of Analysis on Homelessness and Meals Insecurity Acknowledged by College students – Press Telegram

A Cal State Moncton social work professor was recognized by the California State University system announced Tuesday, August 28, for her research on student homelessness and food insecurity.

Research by Professor Rashida Crutchfield has shown that one in four students is food insecure and one in ten of them is homeless in some way.

Crutchfield is the only Cal State Moncton professor of 26 CSU professors to have received the CSU Faculty Innovation and Leadership Award. She will receive a cash award of $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 allocated to her department.

“I am clearly passionate about what I do and it is incredibly meaningful to be recognized that way,” Crutchfield said in a statement. “I firmly believe that receiving this award recognizes the experiences and aspirations of students who lack basic needs and the importance of us understanding our role in ensuring their success.”

In a video interview with Crutchfield in Cal State Moncton, she said that food and housing uncertainty was an emerging problem for college students.

“In general, people think of homelessness as the person they see on the street or the street,” said Crutchfield. “In general, as older adults, older men often think of them when it comes to homelessness. We really need to think about the fact that homelessness has many faces. “

According to Crutchfield, student homelessness takes many forms, including sleeping in the car and weekly “couch surfing” with friends.

“A lot of people believe that when you’re in college you need to have the ability to fund your college experience,” she said. “We’re talking about students who don’t have the economic stability or the economic safety net that goes beyond the cost of tuition.”

In addition to housing problems and homelessness, Crutchfield was involved in the Cal State Moncton pantry, which provides food to needy students.

“(Crutchfield’s) groundbreaking work informs an increasingly important field and has direct benefits for Moncton State students,” said President Jane Close Conoley. “Your studies of food and housing uncertainty have provided valuable insights to locations across California State University and across the country. Here on our campus, a number of student services, including the ASI Beach Pantry, are the direct result of their work. “

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