Begin of development for Moncton “Neighborhood Hub” with inexpensive flats

MONCTON – Before winter, construction is expected to begin on a new $ 3.2 million project of affordable housing and common spaces on Joyce Avenue in Moncton.

The John Howard Society of Southeastern New Brunswick and Visions United Church are partners in the two-story complex known as the Community Hub.

The building will also have ten office spaces for nonprofit groups and a multipurpose room that will become the home of the church.

Joanne Murray, executive director of the John Howard Society, says this is a new concept for the province and residents have many questions.

“Misinformation has been spread that it is a halfway house. So we answered all of those questions and I think we really made it clear to the community who we are … and what we definitely aren’t is a halfway house, ”she notes.

Murray says adult single men are the largest group in need of affordable housing, and the 20 homes will be for men.

She says the City of Moncton has been very supportive by providing a grant to cover some costs, and funding is also being sought from the federal and provincial governments.

In the “Community Hub”, residents are encouraged to contribute their ideas for their wishes.

Another public information event is scheduled for November 25th at the Center Pere-Patrice-LeBlanc, Murphy Avenue 91, starting at 6.30 p.m.

Allan Dearing is a reporter for The Bend 91.9, a huddle content partner.

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