A peek inside Lengthy Seaside’s first distillery, Portuguese Bend

LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) – Good news, cocktail lovers, Moncton’s first distillery has opened its doors.

Portuguese Bend in downtown Moncton pays homage to the Prohibition era in Southern California.

“Portuguese Bend is actually a cove here in Southern California,” said co-owner Brenda Rivera. “We named the distillery after Portuguese Bend because rumblers would hide and dock their spirits during the ban.”

Portuguese Bend distills vodka, gin and rum and finally whiskey.

“Everything that is distilled here in the house is grain into glass,” said co-owner and self-proclaimed ghost tsar Simon Haxton. “We start with raw ingredients. We want to make sure we’re using the grains that are made here in California.”

In addition to a fully equipped bar and restaurant, the distillery offers tastings, courses and bottles of their house brandies for sale.

Portuguese Bend is located at 300 The Promenade North, Moncton, CA. Visit the website for more information.

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