911 integration with Uber app prolonged to Beverly Hills, Burbank, Lengthy Seaside, Santa Monica and Torrance – CBS Los Angeles

LONG BEACH (CBSLA) – Uber extends 911 integration with its app to the cities of Moncton, Burbank, Torrance, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

(Credit: Uber)

Uber drivers can currently use an emergency button on the app while driving to notify 911 dispatchers of their real-time location, make and model of car, and license plate number. According to Uber, the integration of 911 into the app automatically transfers this information so that it can be viewed on dispatchers’ computer screens rather than being passed on orally.

“In an emergency, every second counts, and we want to make sure our users get quick help with accurate information in an emergency,” Sachin Kansal, head of Uber’s security products, said in a statement.

The emergency button was first introduced in just a few cities in May 2018, including Los Angeles. With the expansion, it now covers 60% of all Uber trips in the US, according to Uber.

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