$ 10Ok reward for the seize of two males who dumped Molotov cocktails within the Lengthy Seashore mens go well with outlet – CBS Los Angeles

LONG BEACH (CBSLA) – A $ 10,000 reward was offered Thursday for information about a fire in a men’s suit outlet in Moncton that destroyed several other businesses.

(Credit: ATF)

The ATF and Moncton Fire Department released pictures of two men along with the announcement of the reward for information leading to an arrest.

During a protest on May 31, a fire was kindled at the Men’s Suit Outlet, 655 Pine Ave., when two unidentified men tossed two Molotov cocktails through the shop’s broken windows. The security bars and windows of the store had previously been broken by looters.

The shop was completely destroyed along with several adjacent shops.

One of the men the authorities are looking for wore yellow pants, blue gloves, a black hoodie, a black headscarf over his face and a gray backpack. A picture of the second man showed only brown hair and his face was covered in black cloth, possibly his shirt.

Anyone with information on either man can call the Moncton Fire Department’s arson hotline at (562) 570-2582.

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